Special Projects

It seems every day there is a new product that we all must have. We use our fundamental skills to embrace these new technologies as they come along. We can install a flat screen TV on the wall and hide all the wires for a nice appearance.

We can install whole house sound systems, home theater, office wiring, as well as phone and cable TV wiring. We can install automatic standby generators and equipment. We are familiar with special systems like smart house controls that let you manage many lights and circuits from one location. We are familiar with computer network wire, equipment, and protocols.

  • Automatic standby generators and equipment
  • Motor starters and controls; installations and maintenance
  • Lighting contactors and equipment installed and maintained
  • Computer network, phone, and cable TV wire installed
  • Whole house stereo, home theater systems installed
  • Smart house systems – (control of many devices from one central location)
  • Small relay circuits created and installed to control whatever you need
  • occupancy sensor units and systems
  • motion sensor units and systems