About Loftus Electric LLC

Denise & Kevin Loftus

Denise & Kevin Loftus

We are uniquely qualified as we use proven methods to “fish” wire through the walls and ceilings. We insist on the extensive use of drop cloths to protect your home or business and we are committed to leaving all of our work areas clean. Over the years, we have worked in many different environments, from large institutions to the smallest apartment. We are qualified to install anything from a large 480 volt three phase service to simply renewing one outlet receptacle at your home. Few jobs are too big or too small.

Kevin J Loftus is a Master Electrician. He took and passed the master exam in 1993 and has been working in that distinction ever since. Before that he worked for his uncle at PAUL C LYNN AND SON in Narberth, Pa. In Kevin’s fifteen years there he got trained as an apprentice and then later a journeyman. Consider that Kevin has been working as an electrician for more than thirty years. Quite a few changes over this time!


20YEARSWe use heavy drop cloths where needed to protect your office, home, or furniture. When finished, we vacuum or broom clean the work area. We do this for all jobs and this is part of our normal work procedure. We are also able to patch and repair any holes that we may need to make in your building finish. In many cases we leave the room ready for paint.